Alex Magaisa

Alex Magaisa is a senior lecturer at the Kent Law School. Prior to joining KLS, he worked for the Jersey Financial Services Commission, the financial services regulator in Jersey. His research interests lie mainly in financial services regulation, law of corporate groups and the effects of IP Laws on developing countries. Alex takes a keen interest on legal and political issues pertaining to Zimbabwe and Africa generally.


A new ‘indigenous’ stock market for Zimbabwe?

By Alex MagaisaCompanies, Politics, Stock Market

I WONDER if designers of the indigenisation laws considered the practical ramifications of the 51% indigenous ownership rule particularly in the case of publicly-listed companies. It is effectively means that 51% of all publicly-traded companies required to comply with the … Read more


A country’s moral dilemma over liberation icon

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

AS AN unequalled avalanche of emotion engulfed the national landscape last week following the shocking death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru, there were certain discernible features that still refused to be obfuscated. The nation would do well to take notice … Read more


‘Noted’ and ‘endorsed’: behind the words

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

AN ISSUE currently occupying minds in and around Zimbabwe is the implication and effect of the SADC Summit held in Sandton, South Africa, last weekend. In particular, the language of the SADC Communique appears to have received divergent interpretations regarding … Read more


‘Loan sharks’ feast on culture of profligacy

By Alex MagaisaBusiness, Companies, Money, Personal Finance

I HAVE followed with some interest recent developments in Zimbabwe’s financial sector, in particular the severe challenges faced by Renaissance Bank. There are two observations to be made. First, the collapse of Renaissance has been presented as a failure of … Read more


Time to break Europe’s strangehold on IMF top job

By Alex MagaisaEconomics, Money, Politics

IT WAS not even possible to imagine, at the start of last week, that events in a luxury suite in a New York hotel would have profound ramifications on the politics of global finance and regulation. Yet the arrest of … Read more


Zimbabwe: a brief history of contempt of court by politicians

By Alex MagaisaLegal

THE recent comments on the judiciary made by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in the wake of the judgment nullifying the election of the Speaker of Parliament have raised a real storm. There are reports that he may be hauled before … Read more


Gamu: the quality of mercy is not strained

By Alex MagaisaMusic, TV

THIS is one bandwagon that I cannot prevent myself from joining. For the ‘Gamu bandwagon’ is not an ordinary one. For a moment – for those few weeks — the talented girl brought many of us out of our shells. … Read more


Sam Mtukudzi: Mhodzi Yangu

By Alex MagaisaMusic, Music, Politics

SAM Mtukudzi’s death in a car crash in a car crash on March 15 plunged a country into mourning. Son of the legendary Oliver MtukudzI, Sam was a recording artist in his own right and was set to launch his … Read more


Mukoko: Over to you Mr Tomana

By Alex MagaisaImmigration, Politics

AN OLD colleague sent me an email on Monday afternoon.   “Maionaka Rule of Law yamunoswero chemera anaMagaisa?” (Do you see the Rule of Law that you always ask for?).   “Ndiyoka Rule of Law yacho iyi?” (This is the … Read more


Lessons from the village court

By Alex MagaisaImmigration, Politics

I REMEMBER one of the highlights of the week in village life was the Dare – the local customary court session where small local disputes were solved. In our community men and women would gather Pamatombo paHwara.   The place … Read more


Competence and the quality of our democracy

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

“ISN’T it odd”, a friend asked recently, “that of all the jobs in the world, the ones that are the most contentious and perhaps the most influential in society are not subject to the same rigorous selection process that all … Read more


The enduring roots of a politicised military

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

A THOUGHTFUL reader wrote to me recently. To safeguard his confidence, he shall remain nameless.   The content and tone of his message suggested a source of wisdom and experience. He wasn’t prescribing, merely posing points to provoke thought. He … Read more


Beautiful lessons from Ghana

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

I LOVE Ghana. If I had to choose an African country other than Zimbabwe as my home, it’s fair to say Ghana would have little, if any, competition.   Perhaps it’s the fascination of a one-time visitor. Perhaps it is … Read more


Something is not right with MDC

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

FOR an organisation in which many millions have invested so much hope and faith, the vibes coming from the MDC leadership must surely, be disconcerting.   No one can seriously doubt the political capital that the MDC has amassed over … Read more


Constitution will not save us

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

THE constitution-making season appears to have begun, albeit with squabbles over the notorious Kariba Draft which was concocted by a collection of politicians sometime in 2007.   When the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku protested against entrusting politicians … Read more