Blessing-Miles Tendi

Blessing-Miles Tendi is the author of Making History in Mugabe's Zimbabwe: Politics, Intellectuals and the Media (2010)


Film Review: ‘Robert Mugabe: What Happened?’

By Blessing-Miles TendiFilm, History, Politics

ON APRIL 29, 2012, I participated in a panel discussion with Simon Bright, director of the film “Robert Mugabe. What Happened?”, and McDonald Lewanika the Director of Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe (CCZ). This followed the showing of Bright’s latest film … Read more


Sub-Saharan Africa is not Egypt, William Hague

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics, World

WILLIAM Hague, Britain’s foreign secretary, declared this week that “we are only in the early stages of what is happening in north Africa and the Middle East”. Addressing a London conference of African politicians and businessmen, Hague said that the … Read more


The MDC’s star is waning

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has recently been engaged in a regional tour to draw attention to political developments in Zimbabwe and lobby for Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) leaders’ support before a scheduled troika meeting. Some of the usual suspects … Read more


2000 referendum: Zimbabwe’s ‘lost moment’

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

AMID the gathering storm of the MDC’s 2005 split, I asked a forlorn Welshman Ncube: ‘If you could turn back the clock, what would you do differently as the MDC?’ He grew woebegone before he recounted in a movingly expressive … Read more


Zanu PF a tad cleverer than mediocre opposition

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

THIS piece is penned with a heavy sense of exasperation and bewilderment at the inability of Zimbabwe’s political opposition and some civil society groups and private media to come to grips with the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front’s political … Read more


Intellectual irresponsibility in Zimbabwe

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

WRITING in the Herald of November 4, 2010, Reason Wafawarova opined that perceptions of history and indeed public opinion more broadly are often shaped by the work of writers but, he continues, ‘the perplexing question that is rarely answered pertains … Read more


Diamonds and human rights are forever

By Blessing-Miles TendiMining, Politics

LAST week’s failure of the Kimberly Process (KP) to reach agreement on whether to give the Zimbabwe government the green light to export alluvial diamonds from the Chiadzwa diamond fields threatens to open up new divisions over the international response … Read more


Tsvangirai riding a power-sharing tiger

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

“If it is a question of just a couple more months, then I will have no objection but to give it another life of six months or one year, no, no, no, no,” so maintains President Robert Mugabe on the … Read more