Daniel Molokele

Daniel Molokele is a human rights lawyer. He describes himself as a very passionate and free person. A passionate football fan umbilically tied to Arsenal Football Club, his role models include, unsurprisingly, Thierry Henry, the biblical Daniel, Paul, Nehemiah and historic figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Joshua Nkomo and Barack Obama


Malema and battle for the soul of the ANC

By Daniel MolokelePolitics, World

JULIUS ‘Juju’ Malema, born March 3, 1981, in the northern Limpopo province has suddenly become the new bold face of South African politics. The African National Congress (ANC) Youth League president has in the past five years experienced a meteoric … Read more


Jongwe: throwing baby out with bath water

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

A FEW years ago, I wrote a controversial article in defence of the political legacy of the late Learnmore Judah Jongwe. The furore that followed was somewhat expected given the nature of the last days of Jongwe before his untimely … Read more


I can dare to dream

By Daniel MolokeleEducation, Politics, Travel

I AM a dreamer. In fact I have always been a dreamer. At times I have some small dreams but sometimes I do also have some big dreams. Yes, very big dreams! Maybe that is exactly who I am! A … Read more


It is not yet Uhuru!

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

I HAD not even managed to get some sleep that night. I had spent the day with colleagues attending a conference, now they had been detained by the police. The crime my colleagues had committed was to go to the … Read more


Gay rights are human rights too!

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have recently spoken out against gays and lesbians, seemingly agreeing between them that homosexuals should have no rights under a new constitution. Their comments made for some sad reading to say the … Read more


Niger: a good coup?

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

AFRICA does not need any coup de tats any more. In fact the African Union has taken a clear and an unequivocal stance against any coups whatever their avowed justification. According to the continental body, coups are now a political … Read more


Canaan Banana: a man of all seasons

By Daniel MolokeleBooks, Politics, Religion

I WILL never forget the first day I had a personal encounter with this very enigmatic man. It was one of those afternoons when I was relaxing in my office.   It was 1998, and I was the President of … Read more


Ian Khama: a lone voice in the Kgalagadi wilderness

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

WHEN the news of former Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa’s death reached the ears of many Zimbabweans, a blanket of heartfelt grief enveloped the nation.   While his death might have been in essence a sad loss to the people of … Read more


With trepidation, I take Aids test

By Daniel MolokeleHealth

“You must be the change that you want to see in the world.” These words are attributed to one of the most celebrated leaders of the 20th century, the great Mahatma Gandhi of India. Gandhi may have lived and died … Read more


Tsvangirai European visit: smart or daft?

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

IN THE past week, I have been inundated by several emails from friends and colleagues alike asking for my honest view about the implications of the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai’s visit to Europe.   One of the most contentious aspects … Read more