Gilbert Nyambabvu

Nyambabvu is the deputy editor of New He is a keen football fan (read Manchester United) and reads classics to stay sane


Now they say Tsvangirai can be our Clinton

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

A RESPECTED colleague and long-standing friend recently subjected me to an angry harangue for suggesting that Morgan Tsvangirai’s sexual wassails are proof that the MDC-T leader cannot be trusted with the leadership of this country. I was told to get … Read more


Tsvangirai: legend of the carnal seas

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

IT was Oscar Wilde who suggested that only the ugly and the stupid have the best of this world, and the matter of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and the many women in his life suggests that, that equally scandalised 19th … Read more


Kereke should check in with his shrinks

By Gilbert NyambabvuBanking, Legal, Politics

MUNYARADZI Kereke, the former central bank adviser, must think Zimbabweans are mental dunces who are enamoured of his brilliant self that we will let him treat us with the selfish disregard of a lover who tantalises you with the preliminaries … Read more


ZISCO: the painful human toll

By Gilbert NyambabvuCompanies, Mining, Politics

FRENCH philosopher Joseph de Maistre – that unconscionable defender of social hierarchy, privilege and, therefore, inequality – is claimed to have once opined that a people will always get the government they deserve. Wise old head, that Frenchie! If he … Read more


When self-indulgent wishes set news agenda

By Gilbert NyambabvuMedia, Politics

THE recent media shambles regarding President Robert Mugabe’s latest trip to Asia brought into the open two of the terminal maladies feasting at the core of Zimbabwean journalism from the time our national politics became so perilously conflicted and degenerated … Read more


Election debate and lies that tell the truth

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

PRINCIPALS to the coalition government and their respective political parties have lately been doing much talking about the conflicted question of new elections this year, and yet we remain unclear whether or not the said polls will go ahead. Still, … Read more


Barwe’s mindless sycophancy

By Gilbert NyambabvuMedia, Politics

CDE Reuuben Barwe was on ZTV news the other day accusing this writer and a few other non-resident journalists of peddling what he described – without explaining – as “anti-Zimbabwe” propaganda. For those not quite in the know, Cde Barwe’s … Read more


Wake the dead, it’s election time!

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

  THE words ‘functional’ and ‘normal’ came to mind as I contemplated my impressions of Zimbabwe after spending time in Harare during a recent visit to the country. But Harare is typically dissembling, and my initial sense of marvel soon … Read more


Mugabe: death betakes man, never his legacy

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

THE recent frenzied media speculation over President Robert Mugabe’s health attracted a robust and typically acerbic rebuttal from ex-information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, who demanded of those behind the rumours to state whether they were witches driven by malice or … Read more


Why diesel mystic is a national treasure

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics, Transport

SECTIONS of the police and state prosecution service must be suffering a dangerous infestation of opposition sympathisers keen to thoroughly embarrass Zanu PF ahead of general elections now expected next year. For how else does one explain the whacky decision … Read more


Post-Mugabe turmoil, what turmoil?

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe recently felt sufficiently miffed by the increasing speculation over his health that he took the unusual step of granting an extensive interview to specifically address and hopefully dowse the rumours. Images of a frail looking Mugabe walking … Read more


Mugabe has outmaneuvered MDC

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

A COLLEAGUE reacted to news that President Robert Mugabe would seek re-election if asked by Zanu PF, and that such elections could be held whether or not there was a new constitution, by saying the elderly gent was having a … Read more


The internet and media reform in Zimbabwe

By Gilbert NyambabvuInternet, Politics

COMMENTS recently attributed to MDC-T spokesman and Information Communication Technology Minister Nelson Chamisa regarding government’s inordinate delays in licensing private and commercial broadcasters serve as an alarming reminder of how terribly misdirected the media reform debate in Zimbabwe has become. … Read more


How Mugabe outfoxed Amanpoor

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

Unprepared … CNN’s Amanpour found wanting in Mugabe interview   CNN’S Chief International Correspondent, Christine Amanpour’s interview with President Robert Mugabe on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly was appallingly inept and very nearly scandalous.   Indeed outraged … Read more


Propaganda and the GPA

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

QUITE apart from being evidently ridiculous, the sudden emergence of a whole catalogue of titles preceding any and all mention of President Robert Mugabe’s name in the state media also demonstrates just how perverse the game of perception management has … Read more