Chofamba Sithole

Innocent Chofamba Sithole is a Zimbabwean journalist living in England. He has worked for the Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe's oldest business independent weekly. He was editor of the Sunday Mirror between November 2003 and September 2004. He has written articles for several UK and South African periodicals and is a keen supporter of the online Zimbabwean media


Is big money distorting American democracy?

By Chofamba SitholePolitics, World

FOR a presidential election that centred on fiscal prudence, it is a telling irony that the just ended race for the White House between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney was also the most expensive in US … Read more


Tsvangirai has lost his moral compass

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

THERE is something incongruous about how Zimbabwean journalists are reporting the debacle surrounding Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s marriage-that-allegedly-never-was. Whilst the state-controlled Herald has, predictably, gleefully reported on the ‘union’ and its attendant soap operatic saga, the independent media has bizarrely … Read more


Heroes: history has longer memory than Zanu PF thinks

By Chofamba SitholeHistory, Politics

IF THERE was any lingering doubt in the minds of the most ardent Zanu PF zealots that their party had utterly reduced the conferment of national hero status to a mere party spectacle, Didymus Mutasa will have conclusively cleared that. The … Read more


WikiLeaks: Tsvangirai’s waterloo

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

MORGAN Tsvangirai is one man who is certainly not amused by the daring exploits of WikiLeaks and its swashbuckling founder, Julian Assange. Cables from the American embassy in Harare portray him as a flawed leader in hock to western allies. … Read more


KP playing politics over Zimbabwe

By Chofamba SitholeMining, Politics

THE opposition to Zimbabwe’s right to sell its diamonds is deeply troubling and must be exposed for what it really is without pussyfooting or beating about the bush. It is instructive to note that the opposition to approving Zimbabwe’s sale … Read more


‘Big Man’ politics and leadership succession in Zimbabwe

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

FOLLOWING the convoluted succession race in President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party demands the patience of a seasoned marathon spectator.   As any Zimbabwean journalist will know, there exists an enormous archive in the media spawned by ‘succession journalism’, dating … Read more


Dinner with Tsvangirai

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party is holding a banquet for him on Saturday evening. Zimbabwean groups and other interested parties have been invited to come and wine and dine with the Premier – at the not too modest price … Read more


Bumbling Holland throws spanners into PM’s works

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

SEKAI Holland’s incredulous claims that millions of dollars in hard currency are being spent on a secret Zanu PF militia are likely to stoke up tension in the fledgling inclusive government in Harare, and also throw the Prime Minister’s ongoing … Read more


The moment demands leadership

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

THE real tragedy in Zimbabwe’s political crisis is that both Zanu PF and the MDC lack viable options outside of a power sharing agreement signed last September. For the suffering majority, the stark humanitarian crisis has reduced politics to a … Read more


Mapping ‘Nkomo country’

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

LET me start by doffing my hat to Mduduzi Mathuthu, editor of New for boldly dishing out some home truths about the centrality of ethnicity in the politics of our nation.   Raising the often emotive subject of tribalism … Read more