Itayi Viriri

Itayi Viriri is a former sub editor and columnist with the Standard newspaper. Currently based in Ireland and working in the NGO sector, Itayi has worked for Irish TV and local newspapers


Home springs eternal

By Itayi ViririPolitics

Surfing through Zimbabwean online news portals, a casual reader may be left thinking that many of us in the Diaspora have become homicidal, credit scamming, philandering, disease spreading rogues fit for cameos as a baddies in low budget crime capers. … Read more


Are we conditioned to be racist?

By Itayi ViririPolitics

“Such is our sorry lot in life, us black people,” raged this brother from South of the Limpopo. “At home, even after all these years of Uhuru, why do we still have a situation whereby some white kid can saunter … Read more