Jeff Madzingo

Jeff Madzingo is a banker and financial adviser. He has shareholding in several financial business companies and media organisations


Africa’s battles with capital flight and unjust debt

By Jeff MadzingoEconomics

THE global financial turmoil has dominated the international agenda for a couple of years now and there is hardly a clear way out of the crisis. The fact that most developed economies especially in Europe are experiencing these financial meltdowns … Read more


Diaspora inclusion: A proposal

By Jeff MadzingoPolitics

MY PRECEDING blog, Diasporas Inclusion: The Jangling Discords, attracted very interesting contributions from readers and I would like to thank everyone including those who wrote to me directly. Evidently, the Diasporas have overwhelming emotional desire for participatory inclusion in the … Read more


Diaspora inclusion policy: the jangling discords

By Jeff MadzingoPolitics

HUMAN resource capacity is a key asset of any nation, for what is a nation without the human factor? When a small developing nation like Zimbabwe loses so much of its human capital, one would assume that it’s a national … Read more


You could be debt free

By Jeff MadzingoMoney

AS THE credit crunch bites, millions of consumers are facing financial ruin as they struggle to pay several credit commitments they have taken in the past.   Some 50 million Credit Agreements are created in the UK each year. They … Read more