Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo is a political scientist and MP for Tsholotsho North (Zanu PF)


Time to park COPAC and go to elections

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

IF THE idea that every dog has its day is indeed true, then the day has come for Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) to be parked. COPAC’s final moment of reckoning beckons, with its discredited constitution drafters who are now … Read more


MDC-T sleepwalking into electoral T-saster

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

WHEREAS all along the “T” suffix in MDC-T was thought or understood to mean or represent “Tsvangirai”, it now turns out that in some pretty influential quarters it means “Theresa” (Makone). In other equally influential quarters the “T” in MDC-T … Read more


Tsvangirai: for whom the bell tolls

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

AS THE reality begins to sink that Zimbabwe’s GPA-delayed second harmonised presidential, parliamentary and local government elections are finally upon us, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is clearly running terribly scared of the impending elections. Very, very scared. The clear evidence … Read more


Economic empowerment: the Last Chimurenga

By Jonathan MoyoCompanies, Politics

AS ZANU PF’s irreversible indigenisation and economic empowerment thrust gathers revolutionary momentum with real benefits to be enjoyed by everyone across the country, most Zimbabweans now understand that they are in the throes of the last phase of the people’s … Read more


Challenges of public administration in Zimbabwe today

By Jonathan MoyoEducation, Politics

Public Lecture Talking Points by Professor Jonathan Moyo delivered at the Department of Political & Administrative Studies, University of Zimbabwe, October 21, 2011 I WISH to thank Prof Hasu Patel for his charitable introduction. Prof Patel is the Prof of … Read more


Nehanda, Lobengula, Lumumba and Machel dictators too?

By Jonathan MoyoHistory, Religion, World

THE indisputably barbaric killing of Muammar Gaddafi last Thursday by a high-tech US drone controlled by some freaky soldier in Las Vegas aided by a French jet fighter assisted by NATO special forces on the ground has been received in … Read more


Tsvangirai at the Deep End of his political career

By Jonathan MoyoBooks, Politics

NOW it is official and indisputable as it comes from the horse’s mouth. And hear this: Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s political career is “opposing the government of Robert Mugabe”. This startling revelation which contextualises and explains Tsvangirai’s politics over the years … Read more


WikiLeaks: the implications for Zimbabwe

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

Lecture delivered by Tsholotsho North MP Professor Jonathan Moyo (Zanu PF) at the Sapes Seminar Series in Harare on September 29, 2011, under the topic: ‘The WikiLeaks Saga: National, Regional and International Implications’ MAY I start by expressing my gratitude … Read more


WikiLeaks: Zanu PF leadership renewal versus MDC treasonous plots

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

WHILE the media hullabaloo over the so-called Wiki-Leaks saga has been useful in exposing the illiterate foreign-funded ranks of the so-called independent press, this hubbub has been useless in enabling the same audiences to understand current US policy on Zimbabwe … Read more


Zanu PF: an introspection

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

WHAT critical questions should preoccupy our national introspection this week and throughout this month as we remember and celebrate the memory of the selfless sacrifices of our gallant sons and daughters of the soil, some who paid the ultimate price … Read more


Security sector reforms: who will have the last laugh?

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

THIS winter has become one of a kind by making 2011 a year to remember thanks to two pregnantly opposite narratives told in June, one for Zimbabwe by Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba on behalf of the fallen heroes of our independence … Read more


Tsvangirai: an open mouth and a shut mind

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

ONE telling public stance which has characteristically come to define Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s totally unsatisfactory, and in fact deplorable attitude to important national issues, is that when he is given a microphone or when he sees a captive crowd … Read more


Press freedom a responsibility not a right

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

HAS Trevor Ncube’s floundering Zimbabwe Independent gone to the dogs to the point of unashamedly becoming a pathetic MDC-T pamphlet in a desperate bid to secure a good chunk of the dirty £3 million that the British government started smuggling … Read more


There’s no big brother in SADC

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

IF THERE are some people who are in for a rude awakening this week, it’s the mindless regime change scribes and their handlers whose wishful thinking is that President Jacob Zuma will use the extraordinary summit on Zimbabwe scheduled for … Read more


Elections now, or not before 2016

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

IF THERE is one good outcome of the unusual media and diplomatic excitement engineered by British and American mischief makers for illegal regime change in Zimbabwe since the March 31 Livingstone summit of SADC’s organ troika on politics, defence and … Read more