Joram Nyathi

Joram Nyathi is JOMIC communications manager and former deputy editor of the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper. He writes in his personal capacity


A mistake worth making

By Joram NyathiPolitics

ZIMBABWEANS are not ready for elections. I am talking of ordinary Zimbabweans, not those who make political capital out of people’s misery. I don’t know when they will be ready. When I first made that statement earlier this year after … Read more


The day Mai Musodzi’s eyes stayed dry

By Joram NyathiPolitics

THE Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac) outreach debacle in Harare in general and at Mai Musodzi Hall, Mbare, in particular, must have come as a huge anticlimax for most media houses. There were media which were prepared for a bloodbath, the … Read more


Making a constitution no one wants

By Joram NyathiPolitics

THE United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray, appears to me to be a decent man despite his recent theatrics on behalf of The System at the burial of Sabina Mugabe at the Heroes’ Acre. If, on the other hand, … Read more


Ignore Malema at your peril

By Joram NyathiPolitics

THERE are only two ways to deal with ANC Youth League president Julius Malema: either the whites physically eliminate him, or the ANC sacrifices him. Neither option resolves the key question of Malema’s popularity: the quest to give meaning to … Read more


Where is Zimbabwe’s own George Soros?

By Joram NyathiBusiness, Politics

LET me put the reader at ease. I am neither an economist nor a scholar. I never studied economics and have never done research on anything useful. I cannot recite John Maynard Keynes or Milton Friedman’s great theories which rule … Read more


Indigenisation and curse of land reform

By Joram NyathiPolitics, Stock Market

IN HIS intriguing book, The Problems of Philosophy, British philosopher Bertrand Russell criticises “absolute sceptics” who claim nothing can ever be known with any certainty. While criticism is the hallmark of philosophical inquiry, he brands the sceptics’ approach as “destructive … Read more


Jomic: misplaced expectations

By Joram NyathiPolitics

A QUESTION I am frequently asked these days is: What is Jomic? The simple answer is that Jomic is an acronym for Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee.   It was constituted under Article XXII of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) … Read more


Zimbabwe MPs: local by birth, foreign by taste

By Joram NyathiPolitics

OUR legislators have just exposed themselves for what they are: local by birth and vote; otherwise foreign by funding and taste. Of course I have no reason to judge them too harshly.   During their campaign for election last year, … Read more


Why I want to be a white man

By Joram NyathiPolitics

IT is people like Cremer who give President Mugabe a cult status if what he allegedly said is true. It is also people like Sekai Holland who undermine the MDC’s credibility. For, as the Frenchman said, with friends like Holland, … Read more


Distorting Tsvangirai’s goodwill mission

By Joram NyathiPolitics

PRIME minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s trip to Europe and the US has elicited a variety of reactions from Zimbabweans.   There are conflicting perspectives between Zanu PF and MDC-T sympathisers on the merits of the trip. Both are overwhelmed by a … Read more


The firing squad and Gono controversy

By Joram NyathiPolitics

UNITED States President Barack Obama has so far stuck to his electoral script on foreign policy: a tough military approach in Afghanistan, tough-talking with Israel and a positive conversation with the Muslim world.   North Korea’s nuclear antics make a … Read more


Mawere’s ‘points of light’ exercise in escapism

By Joram NyathiPolitics

“IF you have a name of an African who inspires you, please help add to our bank of hope by giving us the name of the person and why you believe such a name is a point of light that … Read more


Zuma must reclaim his showercap

By Joram NyathiPolitics

  IF there is one thing I think as a nation we should cherish from Western democracies, it is what is referred to as “institutional memory” and continuity of professional tenure when governments change.   Wikipedia defines institutional memory as … Read more


The politics of ‘outstanding issues’

By Joram NyathiPolitics

I LOVE the irrepressible sense of humour of Zimbabweans. My only worry is that often it is hard to differentiate it from clowning, and therein lies the tragedy.   In a nation with a claimed unemployment of over 90% and … Read more


Beware McGee’s second coming

By Joram NyathiPolitics

AID: Mcgee with a US-donation of cholera kits at a UNICEF warehouse in Harare   AMBASSADOR James McGee: “I am going back to the US military, and my specialty will be Zimbabwe.”   Jason Moyo: “What do you mean?”   … Read more