Masola wa Dabudabu

Masola wa Dabudabu is a Zimbabwean social and political commentator based in London. He was a columnist for the banned Daily News where he contributed fearlessly. Masola was previously a telecommunications technician with the then PTC in Zimbabwe. The decline of the socio-political situation in Zimbabwe led to the rise of wa Dabudabu as a commentator. wa Dabudabu is an avid reader of Greek Mythology


Our insane ruler who doesn’t know when to quit

By Masola wa DabudabuPolitics

THE breakdown of service delivery across Zimbabwe is having some strange effect on the behaviour of Zanu PF principals. The desperation of the situation in Zimbabwe appears to be driving those who wield the power to the edges of insanity. … Read more


The sadist, Nathaniel Manheru

By Masola wa DabudabuPolitics

THE brutality described in Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru’s article on Operation Hakudzokwi made some chilling reading. All I could say after reading it was ‘Help us God’.   Being in the human rights abuse radar, I thought Zimbabwe or her … Read more


Cursing Ceasar Zvayi

By Masola wa DabudabuPolitics

THE continued vilification of the MDC by Zanu PF over the disagreement on the allocation of cabinet portfolios that would ultimately lead to the formation of a power sharing government in Zimbabwe cannot be left unchallenged.   In this regard, … Read more