Mthulisi Mathuthu

Mthulisi Mathuthu is a Zimbabwean journalist. He is hooked on Russian literature and also enjoys the works of John Maxwell Coetzee, Eduardo Galeano and Salman Rushdie. He is an A-Z on Afro-jazz and has recently taken a keen interest in issues of climate change and international development. In Jose Mourinho, he sees his ideal self: "a character who doesn't care about anybody but gets things going for himself". E-mail:


A compelling case for new GNU

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

SOCIAL research is by its very nature a manipulated facility through which a funding body seeks to shape its primary goals and achieve its aspirations. Therefore, since societies are neither static nor frozen entities, research can be carried out over … Read more


Little Mugabes and Zimbabwe’s tomorrow

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

WHEN on October 18, 2008, I suggested in the since suspended ‘Letter from Kutama’ column that President Mugabe’s politics so much held sway in Zimbabwe that even the MDC-T was itself not spared, the indignation from the bootlicking class and … Read more


Of hollow milestones and tombstones

By Mthulisi MathuthuBooks, Film, Politics

BLESSING Miles-Tendi is a strategically situated Zimbabwean academic with access to a range of platforms and forums most that feed into the mainstream agenda setting in global or international politics. As young as he is, he already teaches history and … Read more


Andy Brown: a spoilt sweet rhythm

By Mthulisi MathuthuMusic, Politics

SOMETIME in 2001 when the Zimbabwe Independent led with a story about musician Andy Brown being funded by Zanu PF, some of us shook our heads in disbelief. How on earth did the editors think a mere musician could sell … Read more


Gay rights: Tsvangirai’s Nobel master stroke

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics, World

IT was Professor Stephen Chan who not so very long ago wrote something to the effect that even though Morgan Tsvangirai is prone to gaffes, he is still capable of some strokes of ‘genius’. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than … Read more


After Mugabe: remember the thunder amongst the clouds

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics, World

WHILE Libya’s National Transitional Council may have achieved its broader objective through the toppling and subsequent killing of Muammar Gaddafi, it however remains clear that the real crunch time lies ahead and other democratic movements which are vulnerable to being … Read more


Zimbabwe: battle lost in confused diagnosis of tragedy

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

PEOPLE often ask: what is the magic behind the loyalty of Robert Mugabe’s security services? At face value, this question makes sense for it surely must surprise anybody why they have stood foursquare behind Mugabe for this long, and at … Read more


Mugabe will live long after his death

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

THE events in North Africa where tyrants have either fallen or still risk being pushed out courtesy of a combination of people power and military connivance easily throw light into one of the thorniest questions of our time: The Zimbabwean … Read more


Nkomo statue: Symbolism trumps location

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

AT A ZANU PF rally in 1983, the biggest banner read: “Forward with the Fifth Brigade. We wish you well”. Swarming around a TV camera, Zanu PF supporters capered and danced in victory loops celebrating the news that Joshua Nkomo … Read more


Rising above the fables of our time

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

PERHAPS one of the sorriest traditions characteristic of Robert Mugabe’s 30 year rule and which looks set to survive long after he is gone, is Zimbabwe’s penchant for the sanctification of what one might call the doctrine of unwritten and … Read more


The real villains in Zimbabwe crisis

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

AS THE Zimbabwean crisis drags through its full tenth year, it has become de rigueur for political commentators, journalists and think-tanks to offer what is now something of a gospel to be questioned at one ‘s own peril: Robert Mugabe, … Read more


Nobel Prize: Honour without nobility

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

THE Nobel Peace Prize, says the sponsor’s will, must be awarded to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding … Read more


South Africa: still a land of many possibilities

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics, Travel

THERE is something paradoxical about South Africa which will perhaps never go, at least not in our lifetime: no matter what publicity the country gets, life goes on and they survive, dance, drink, laugh, play and still attract millions of … Read more


Tsvangirai: A life on other people’s battlefronts

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

THERE was once a time when being sceptical or plainly suspicious about the way the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) conducts its business was a matter for private or quiet misgivings.   To publicly question or express one’s worry about … Read more