Martin Machaba

I am South African, and have worked in the telecommunication industry for 5 years and as a lecturer at the University of Cape Town. I have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from UCT and I am currently studying toward an MBA. My interests include among others traveling and sports. I have published a couple of technical papers and now I want to write blogs on lighter topics like sports and business


Why do fans have double standards?

By Martin MachabaFootball

MOST fans follow and support one team from their childhood to adulthood. It is unheard of to change alliances, understandably so. But what happens when a child fan becomes an adult sportsman? Are they allowed to still support their childhood … Read more


A black Italian? What makes a national team player?

By Martin MachabaFootball, Immigration

I AM a very passionate sports fan, and sometimes that means I have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to catch major sports events happening on the other side of the world – from tennis through … Read more