Mutumwa Mawere

Mutumwa Dziva Mawere is an African business executive, pioneer, financier, banker and entrepreneur best known as the founder and Chairman of Africa Resources Limited. He is known for having built one of the most powerful and influential corporations in Zimbabwe's history


Curious case of the University of Zimbabwe fundraiser

By Mutumwa MawereEducation, Politics

I WAS one of the people who attended the launch dinner on Saturday April 28, 2012, in support of a campaign led by the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) of Zimbabwe, Professor Arthur Mutambara, to raise funds for the University of … Read more


Edgar Tekere: the non-compliant warrior

By Mutumwa MawereHistory, Politics

EDGAR Tekere, is no more. Tuesday, June 7, 2011, will remain etched in the story of Zimbabwe as the exit day of one of Zimbabwe’s founding fathers.  His place in Zimbabwe’s history is secure but his legacy will occupy the … Read more


SMM: the truth about Chinamasa’s political meddling

By Mutumwa MawereCompanies

TODAY is a very special day for me, for it was the day I was born. This year is so special and unforgettable because it can be written as 11/1/11 and will be the only year in my life that … Read more


Privileged professionals: when the beautiful ones are misunderstood

By Mutumwa MawereBusiness, Companies, Politics

TODAY, Wednesday, January 3, 2011, is the first working day of this second decade of this century. The century has been dubbed the African century on the premise that Africa’s better and brighter days are yet to come. However, such … Read more


2011: Your debt to Zimbabwe

By Mutumwa MawereCompanies, Politics

AS I REFLECT on the events of this historic year, I could find no better story to share than my personal journey. On May 19, 2010, an order was issued de-specifying Messrs. James Makamba, John Moxon and myself. Future generations … Read more


South Africa: the limitations of nationalism

By Mutumwa MawereHistory, Immigration, Politics

GOD was so generous that he gave mankind dominion over the earth. It is difficult to imagine what would happen if anyone of us were to play God even for a limited duration. What kind of choices would we make? … Read more


Chinamasa misled parliament on SMM

By Mutumwa MawereCompanies, Mining

ON NOVEMBER 16, 2010, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa responded to a question in Parliament over my alleged efforts at regaining control of Shabanie Mashaba Mine Holdings Private Limited (SMM) and the full transcript of his statement to Parliament has been … Read more


Moyo’s binary world view bad for Zimbabwe

By Mutumwa MawereCompanies, Politics

AFRICA’S future will always belong to builders rather than professional armchair commentators who choose to see the world in ideological and binary terms. One such commentator is Professor Jonathan Moyo, the MP for Tsholotsho North (Zanu PF), who seems to … Read more


South Africa profiling: what is an African?

By Mutumwa MawereImmigration, Politics

FORMER South African President Thabo Mbeki says that South Africa, the youngest African state, still owes the world an explanation as to what caused the 2008 violence against black South African citizens and residents born in foreign African states. It … Read more


Post-colonial anti-capitalist disposition: real or myth?

By Mutumwa MawereBusiness, Politics

ON OCTOBER 1, 2010, Nigerians celebrated 50 years of independence in this historic year that saw one of Africa’s youngest nation state, South Africa, successfully hosting the first FIFA World Cup on the continent. As Nigerians were celebrating, a debate … Read more