Nkululeko Sibanda

Nkululeko Sibanda is a former president of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU). He has worked for the Broad Alliance, Crisis Coalition as well as the National Constitutional Assembly. Now based in Huddersfield where he is doing a PhD in International Relations, Sibanda is inspired by the works of Foucult and Deuluze


Mugabe and Tsvangirai: our two long bridges to nowhere

By Nkululeko SibandaPolitics

TODAY, Zimbabwe has become a failed state, those with relatives in the country, both very rich and very poor live under the shadow of death. Because if, for example, a relative contracted an illness that has a very short terminal … Read more


Tsvangirai must avoid turning into Mao

By Nkululeko SibandaPolitics

LONG MARCH: It is foolhardy to lead people in a struggle where only a fraction gets to the end of the march   “MORGAN Tsvangirai has stepped down in an attempt to persuade Robert Mugabe, who is reportedly uneasy about … Read more


Paying politicians for appealing to our worst instincts

By Nkululeko SibandaPolitics

THIS paper is a response to Mduduzi Mathuthu’s challenging article, The Ndebele President, and must be read with the context created in that article.   Let us face it, my writing of this paper is unlikely to be regarded as a … Read more