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Taffy Nyawanza is the principal of Genesis Law Associates, a specialist immigration and asylum law firm in Birmingham, England


UK immigration Q & A Series: Spouses and maintenance

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration, Legal

Q. I am on a spouse visa and due for settlement. My British husband is the sole director of his own limited company. He pays himself wages and dividends. How much money will I need to show to qualify for … Read more


UK court defines ‘international company’ in student visa case

By Taffy NyawanzaEducation, Immigration, Legal

THE United Kingdom legal position regarding sponsorship of students by third parties has been clarified in Agubata v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWCA Civ 140. Agubata, a Nigerian citizen, arrived in the United Kingdom on October … Read more


New immigration ruling on family law

By Taffy NyawanzaFamily Law

WHEN does someone who does not meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules, but has a claim to family life, succeed in that claim, in circumstances where there are no children and the other party on whom they depend does … Read more


It’s official: UK Home Office can lose your documents

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

I CAME across a recent UK High Court decision which is extremely useful as it confirms that, in appropriate cases, judges are prepared to accept that the Home Office can lose applicants’ documents. The case is called Kisuule, R (on … Read more


Key changes to UK points-based system

By Taffy NyawanzaFamily Law, Immigration

ON May 23, 2011, section 19 of the UK Borders Acts 2007 was brought into force with immediate effect. This section of the Act inserts section 85A into the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. Section 85A basically states that … Read more


UK sets new Zimbabwe country guidance case

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

THE United Kingdom Upper Tribunal has at last announced the new Country Guidance case on Zimbabwe. It is called EM & Ors: Zimbabwe CG [2011] UKUT 00098. The new Country Guidance case has significantly narrowed the risk categories that were … Read more


Absences abroad for UK work permit holders now allowed

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

A KEY requirement for obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK after having spent five years as a work permit holder is of course that the applicant must have spent “a continuous period of five years lawfully in the … Read more


Key UK immigration developments of 2010

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

AS WE begin a new year, let us cast a backward glance and run down the major talking points in UK immigration law in 2010. At the beginning of the year, a number of changes were introduced to the student … Read more


UK Supreme Court offers new hope for asylum seekers

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

THE United Kingdom Court of Appeal has handed down the case of RT (Zimbabwe) & Ors v SSHD [2010] EWCA Civ 1285, which is an extremely generous decision and will be of significant use to Zimbabweans seeking asylum in the … Read more


Gamu Nhengu’s immigration options

By Taffy NyawanzaMusic, TV

THE media circus surrounding X Factor reject Gamuchirai Nhengu puts a spotlight on a number of issues which are the subject of this short commentary. We do not have the full facts and, therefore, we can only go on what … Read more


UK fact finding report confirms worst fears

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

BETWEEN August 9 and 17 this year, the Home Office undertook a fact finding mission to Zimbabwe to gather information on the situation in Zimbabwe since the formation of the Government of National Unity (GNU) back in February 2009. Its … Read more


Article 8 extended to Points Based cases

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

THE UK Upper Tribunal has confirmed in a recent case called CDS (PBS “available” Article 8) Brazil [2010] UKUT 305 that Article 8 (the human right to a family and private life in the UK) is applicable in Points Based … Read more


Is 7-year concession resurrected?

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

ON DECEMBER 9, 2008, the Home Office announced the withdrawal of the seven-year concession with effect from that date. The concession had been an extremely useful policy which for several years allowed some families with dependent children (in particular children … Read more


£800 requirement: Home Office shifts goal posts

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

THE Home Office have amended the Immigration Rules in what appears to be a desperate scramble to stay ahead of the outcome in Secretary of State for the Home Department v Pankina [2010] EWCA Civ 719. Pankina is the Court … Read more


UK family reunion for children over 18

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

UNDER the Family Reunion provisions, UK refugees are entitled to bring to the UK their pre-flight family. ‘Pre-flight family’ means the spouse to whom the refugee was married or children born to him before he fled to the UK. For … Read more