Yvonne Gwashawanhu

Yvonne Gwashawanhu is a solicitor practising at Bake & Co Solicitors in Birmingham, England


Settling in Britain is a privilege not a right

By Yvonne GwashawanhuImmigration, Legal

THE following is the summary of a speech delivered on September 15, 2011, by Britain’s Immigration Minister Damian Green at the Centre for Policy Studies [see full speech]. The speech is an indicator of the possible policy changes that will … Read more


EM asylum judgment: underlining the positives

By Yvonne GwashawanhuImmigration

FOR some time now, representatives dealing with Zimbabwean matters had waited with baited breath for the promulgation of the country guidance case of EM and Others (Returnees) Zimbabwe CG [2011] UKUT 98 (IAC). That wait ended on Monday when the … Read more


RN extended by UK court

By Yvonne GwashawanhuImmigration

THE country guidance case of RN (Zimbabwe) CG [2008] UKAIT 00083 has been with us for some time. The essence of that case has chiefly been to argue that refugee Convention protection must be given to a person who cannot … Read more