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UK: contact and residence orders in immigration matters

By Vitalis MadanhiFamily Law, Immigration

WITH the current changes in immigration laws in the UK, those who have established ties are keen to hold firmly to justify a clear basis as to why they should not be removed to their homelands. Invariably, those who have … Read more


UK spouse visa: Court clarifies ‘marriage is subsisting’

By Clement KulangFamily Law, Immigration, Legal

OUR firm Genesis Law Associates recently brought an appeal to the Upper Tribunal which has now been reported as Goudey (subsisting marriage – evidence) Sudan [2012] UKUT 00041. In this case, the Upper Tribunal clarifies the meaning of the immigration … Read more


New immigration ruling on family law

By Taffy NyawanzaFamily Law

WHEN does someone who does not meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules, but has a claim to family life, succeed in that claim, in circumstances where there are no children and the other party on whom they depend does … Read more


Children and UK citizenship

By Vitalis MadanhiFamily Law, Immigration, Legal

A NUMBER of people have had their asylum cases decided as legacy cases by the UK Border Agency. In the majority of those cases, applications could have been made a number of years ago resulting with an eventual grant of … Read more


Key changes to UK points-based system

By Taffy NyawanzaFamily Law, Immigration

ON May 23, 2011, section 19 of the UK Borders Acts 2007 was brought into force with immediate effect. This section of the Act inserts section 85A into the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. Section 85A basically states that … Read more


Maintenance orders where one parent lives abroad

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaFamily Law

RECENTLY, I have had many enquiries relating to family law issues. Immigration law is still an issue that concerns many readers of this blog. However, with readers settling in their adopted countries, there are other issues which now require legal … Read more