From the Diaspora into the frying pan

By Lenox MhlangaImmigration, Politics, Travel

IF YOU thought that my having disappeared from these pages was due in no small part to the howling critics that prowl the comments section at the bottom, then you are probably right. While trying to gauge my popularity, I … Read more


Fewer truths than the saying ‘home is best’

By Lenox MhlangaImmigration, Travel, World

THOSE of you who have been ‘following’ me on Twitter and ‘liking’ me on Facebook will know that I have been in and out of Zimbabwe since Christmas Eve. Not being one who likes boasting, I have the privilege of … Read more


Seperated at birth: commuter drivers and touts

By Lenox MhlangaTransport, Travel

I DECIDED to take the commuter taxi here in Botswana the other day just to tap into the vibe of the moment. It was then that I became convinced that commuter omnibus drivers (and their obnoxious touts) are born of … Read more


I can dare to dream

By Daniel MolokeleEducation, Politics, Travel

I AM a dreamer. In fact I have always been a dreamer. At times I have some small dreams but sometimes I do also have some big dreams. Yes, very big dreams! Maybe that is exactly who I am! A … Read more


Lost in the City of Gold

By Lenox MhlangaPolitics, Travel

WE GOT lost in Gauteng, then got wondering who wouldn’t? Then some clever dick pointed out to me that in fact he never got lost in the City of Gold. As I drove from petrol station to petrol station asking … Read more


Why are (some) diasporians out of touch?

By Lenox MhlangaMusic, Politics, Travel

A RELATIVE of a distant relative returned from Canada to visit a couple of weeks ago. It had been ten years since we had last seen him. It was evident he was so home sick because he wept when he … Read more


Graduate blues

By Hazel MuteweriBooks, Education, Immigration, Travel

MY PARENTS have always instilled the value of education in me from as long as I can remember, more importantly to follow my heart and do what I enjoyed. Their exact words were: “If you get educated, you can get … Read more


We’re God’s gift to the world

By Lenox MhlangaPolitics, Travel

THE question in the minds of people around the world is this: how did Zimbabwe survive the worst economic collapse this side of the solar system? The answer lies in a number of issues that require careful dissection. The first … Read more


South Africa: still a land of many possibilities

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics, Travel

THERE is something paradoxical about South Africa which will perhaps never go, at least not in our lifetime: no matter what publicity the country gets, life goes on and they survive, dance, drink, laugh, play and still attract millions of … Read more


The journey back to rock bottom

By Lenox MhlangaPolitics, Travel

WE LEFT Francistown for Bulawayo last Friday a little after 8PM since the border closes at ten. So there was no hurry to get home.   Sibindi’s half toner (truck) was laden with a new wardrobe and a second hand … Read more