Elections, politicians and a bag of maize

By Lance MambondianiEconomics, Politics

IN PREPARATION for the next elections, the two main political parties, Zanu PF and MDC-T have tabled diverging economic policies on how they intend to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans if voted into office. The people they seek to … Read more


Diamonds: America’s economic crimes against Zimbabwe

By Psychology MaziwisaEconomics, Mining, Politics, World

SERIOUS changes of opinion are rare in international politics, occurring maybe only once every quarter of a century. For example, it took the international community a lifetime before it could accept that Nelson Mandela was not a terrorist. It took … Read more


Economy operating below capacity

By Lance MambondianiBudget, Economics, Money, Politics

IN FEBRUARY 2009, Zimbabwe’s bickering political parties formed a three-party coalition government underwritten by the African Union, a marriage of convenience following a disputed election. The economy, described then by Economist’s Economic Intelligence Unit as ‘the worst in the world’ … Read more


Gonomics and the crafty Yuan deception

By Lance MambondianiEconomics

RESERVE Bank Governor, Gideon Gono’s repeated call to replace the US dollar with the Chinese Yuan alongside the Zimbabwe dollar is either superbly feckless, crafty deception or economic emotionalism. There is no denying that the ‘Look East Policy’ is bearing … Read more


European economic crisis: Is it time to head home?

By Lance MambondianiEconomics, Personal Finance, Politics, Stock Market, World

AN EMERGING trend within the diaspora community in the UK points towards a gradual increase in the number of people who have, or are considering returning to Zimbabwe or emigrating to other countries as a result of the global economic … Read more


Africa’s battles with capital flight and unjust debt

By Jeff MadzingoEconomics

THE global financial turmoil has dominated the international agenda for a couple of years now and there is hardly a clear way out of the crisis. The fact that most developed economies especially in Europe are experiencing these financial meltdowns … Read more


Zimbabwe: expectations, anticipation and reality

By Gilbert MupondaBusiness, Economics, Money, Retail and Customer

AFTER being in the diaspora for seven years and following Zimbabwe’s progress, or lack of, through media reports, it has been a great challenge to reconcile my expectations with reality. Being away for so long results in a natural loss … Read more


Zimbabwe: a nation of dealers

By Lenox MhlangaBudget, Economics, Politics

FINANCE Minister Tendai Laxton Biti [who coincidentally was my roommate at the University of Zimbabwe] recently presented his mid-term budget review. The gist of that presentation to an expectant nation, besides revealing little on where the diamond ‘moola’ was going, … Read more


Zim dollar cannot wait for elections

By Gilbert MupondaEconomics, Money, Politics

THE debate about the proposed gold-backed Zimbabwe dollar has turned out to be a very interesting battle of ideas. My old university motto taught us its always wise to “think in other terms”. After a decade of economic decline, Zimbabwe … Read more


Time to break Europe’s strangehold on IMF top job

By Alex MagaisaEconomics, Money, Politics

IT WAS not even possible to imagine, at the start of last week, that events in a luxury suite in a New York hotel would have profound ramifications on the politics of global finance and regulation. Yet the arrest of … Read more