Diamonds: America’s economic crimes against Zimbabwe

By Psychology MaziwisaEconomics, Mining, Politics, World

SERIOUS changes of opinion are rare in international politics, occurring maybe only once every quarter of a century. For example, it took the international community a lifetime before it could accept that Nelson Mandela was not a terrorist. It took … Read more


ZISCO: the painful human toll

By Gilbert NyambabvuCompanies, Mining, Politics

FRENCH philosopher Joseph de Maistre – that unconscionable defender of social hierarchy, privilege and, therefore, inequality – is claimed to have once opined that a people will always get the government they deserve. Wise old head, that Frenchie! If he … Read more


Indigenisation: Tsvangirai on the wrong side of history

By Psychology MaziwisaBusiness, Companies, Mining, Politics

FOR almost every political party there comes a very unfortunate moment after which things are never quite the same again. As for Zanu PF, that moment came when it failed to properly tackle the economic challenges of the early 2000s; … Read more


Marange: It’s now time for NGOs to move on

By Tafadzwa MusararaMining, NEWS, Politics

“Mr. Chairman, I say with authority that the Zimbabwe government have and will never treat the Marange diamond fields classified and shut it from any well meaning persons or organisations. It remains my government’s pledge to give access to the … Read more


Indigenisation: MDC-T losing the argument

By Psychology MaziwisaBusiness, Companies, Mining, Politics

ZANU PF has historically stood up for the underdog, but there is a much more significant reason why Indigenisation Minister Saviour Kasukuwere should continue to stand up to the forces of evil currently emanating from the MDC-T establishment: if he … Read more


Economic freedom in our lifetime: a just cause

By Psychology MaziwisaCompanies, Mining, Politics

AFTER years of reprehensible neglect, Zanu PF is finally restoring Zimbabwe back to its dignified ways. And it may still be guilty of a few things including widespread corruption and limitless greed but its present attempt through the indigenisation drive … Read more


Sinister agenda behind indigenisation misrepresentations

By Psychology MaziwisaBusiness, Companies, Mining, Politics

THE distortion by Reuters of Saviour Kasukuwere’s July 20 speech on indigenisation was ample proof that some journalists have become more concerned about the headlines than the spirit of journalism. And although it may not have been as spine-chilling as … Read more


Anti-indigenisation conspiracy unravelling

By Psychology MaziwisaCompanies, Mining

WHEN people start to oppose just because they can, countries suffer, dark forces set in and development withers. As Tony Blair has observed in his memoir, “politics is a conspiracy against rational decision-making”. It’s a statement whose value lies not … Read more


Indigenisation: looking at the bigger picture

By Psychology MaziwisaBusiness, Companies, Mining, Politics

ZIMBABWE’S indigenisation and empowerment law, whose present focus is on the mining sector, has been called many things: ‘destructive’, inimical to ‘property rights, devoid of justice, unconstitutional, tantamount to theft’ and certain to bring about ‘the imminent and total demise … Read more


MDC playing futile ‘underground’ politics

By Jonathan MoyoMining, Politics

WHAT underground politics is Tendai Biti, the Minister of Finance and traitorous implementing tool of the illegal US and EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, playing by barking mad in his shrill and treacherous calls for the probing and auditing of the … Read more