Inaction is a vote too!

By Lenox MhlangaFootball, Politics

NDUMISO Ngcobo, a columnist for South Africa’s Sunday Times newspaper, has got me thinking. Ngcobo has some pretty strong views about membership of any entity, particularly that of a political party. I will not repeat what he wrote in its … Read more


Cricket: Zimbabwe flatter to deceive

By Cricket

WE laugh for different reasons. Every millisecond someone somewhere is doing that – showing emotion through an explosive, often spontaneous, vocal sound. Pakistan did a lot of that on their way to a seven-wicket win over Zimbabwe in their one-off … Read more


Test return: only way is up now for Taylor’s men

By Cricket

TO SOME, this might have been just another cricket match, but to many Zimbabweans the one-off Test match against Bangladesh was critical given the many weights of expectations attached to it. These weights ranged from patient and loyal supporters starved … Read more


Cricket captain: why it’s important to get it right

By Cricket

THE recent debate around who should captain Zimbabwe cricket on the field of play has been very encouraging, whichever side one is sympathetic to, as it shows that people still care and also that in a sense Zimbabwe Cricket as … Read more


The debris World Cup left behind

By Lenox MhlangaFootball, Politics
Blowing itself into history ... 2010 World Cup will be remembered for the vuvuzela

THE first World Cup hosted in Africa is over, bar the shouting. The accolades are still pouring in about how South Africa pulled it off with FIFA boss Sepp Blatter giving them nine out of ten on his scorecard. This … Read more


World Cup 2010: I was there

By Lenox MhlangaFootball

THE World Cup is now approaching its climax. And who would have thought that Brazil, France, Italy and Argentina would bite the dust? In fact who would have thought that South Africa would pull it off? As for Brazil, I … Read more


Women and the World Cup

By Lenox MhlangaFootball

FEEL it, it is here! The World Cup is well and truly underway in South Africa. It was surely a long wait but it was worth it. If you have not caught the football bug, then you must be dead. … Read more


Why do fans have double standards?

By Martin MachabaFootball

MOST fans follow and support one team from their childhood to adulthood. It is unheard of to change alliances, understandably so. But what happens when a child fan becomes an adult sportsman? Are they allowed to still support their childhood … Read more


A black Italian? What makes a national team player?

By Martin MachabaFootball, Immigration

I AM a very passionate sports fan, and sometimes that means I have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to catch major sports events happening on the other side of the world – from tennis through … Read more


South Africa have World Cup, so why are they angry?

By Mduduzi MathuthuFootball, Politics, Travel

  IT SAYS much about South Africa that the only thing I won’t miss after my four-week holiday here is the mosquitoes – the noisy blood-suckers that blight sub-Saharan Africa’s summer. Yet that’s not how Africa’s most southern country is … Read more