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Morgan Tsvangirai: sex addiction and denial

By Batsi ChikuraHealth, Politics

THE recent sex scandal that has rocked the life of the lascivious Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, left many with some intriguing questions: is the Prime Minister a sex addict; just has poor judgement or is a bystander in … Read more


Tsvangirai: legend of the carnal seas

By Gilbert NyambabvuPolitics

IT was Oscar Wilde who suggested that only the ugly and the stupid have the best of this world, and the matter of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and the many women in his life suggests that, that equally scandalised 19th … Read more


Sex-mad Tsvangirai setting bad example

By Psychology MaziwisaPolitics

WHAT the hell does Morgan Tsvangirai think he is doing, changing women like a lustful 18-year old? He is not a teenager any more. He is an adult, a 60-year-old man who happens to be the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. … Read more


Kereke should check in with his shrinks

By Gilbert NyambabvuBanking, Legal, Politics

MUNYARADZI Kereke, the former central bank adviser, must think Zimbabweans are mental dunces who are enamoured of his brilliant self that we will let him treat us with the selfish disregard of a lover who tantalises you with the preliminaries … Read more


A compelling case for new GNU

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

SOCIAL research is by its very nature a manipulated facility through which a funding body seeks to shape Necessary have. To purchase deal cialis online doing it. Bought really cialis without prescription cheaper of drip? its primary goals and achieve … Read more


Constitution should not be weapon against our heritage

By Psychology MaziwisaPolitics

OVER the years, I have come across very little evidence to suggest that the MDC-T is an independent and proud party with a clear understanding of what it means to be Zimbabwean. I have been hard-pressed to find anything that … Read more


Little Mugabes and Zimbabwe’s tomorrow

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

WHEN on October 18, 2008, I suggested in the since suspended ‘Letter from Kutama’ column that President Mugabe’s politics so much held sway in Zimbabwe that even the MDC-T was itself not spared, the indignation from the bootlicking class and … Read more


For his courage alone, Mugabe deserves our praise

By Psychology MaziwisaReligion

AS A frustrated and naive Zimbabwean citizen a few years ago, I just assumed that President Robert Mugabe was rotten to the core. I convinced myself that he was a dishonourable man who cared only about himself and who was … Read more


The role of women in the Church

By Lot MasianeReligion

THE Church of England recently postponed a vote to allow women Bishops in the Church. Christianity as a whole is having to deal with this question, probably because of: (1) the awareness of the changing life-span and social roles of … Read more


New bank capital requirements: a red herring

By Lance MambondianiBanking, Companies, Money

IN THE recent Mid-Term Monetary policy statement, the central bank has proposed a 10-fold increase in bank capital adequacy requirements (CAR) to US$100 billion. Whilst the chronic fragility within the Zimbabwean banking sector requires urgent redress, the proposed adjustments are … Read more


MDC-T has failed the test of government

By Psychology MaziwisaPolitics

THE Movement for Democratic Change of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, previously seen by many as a vibrant opposition and a refreshing alternative to Zanu PF, is undergoing a gradual and catastrophic decline. There are only two reasons for this political … Read more


UK: contact and residence orders in immigration matters

By Vitalis MadanhiFamily Law, Immigration

WITH the current changes in immigration laws in the UK, those who have established ties are keen to hold firmly to justify a clear basis as to why they should not be removed to their homelands. Invariably, those who have … Read more


Constitution of Zimbabwe – 2nd Draft, July 17, 2012

By NewsDeskLegal, Politics

CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE (DRAFT 17 JULY 2012) __________________ ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Chapter 1 Founding Provisions Preamble. Section 1.   The Republic. 2.   Supremacy of Constitution. 3.   Founding values and principles. 4.   National Flag, National Anthem, Public Seal and National Coat of … Read more


Combating HIV: testing the ideas

By Batsi ChikuraHealth

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is a global problem. Sub-Sahara Africa has been particularly hit hard and the prevalence in adults reached 25% at the peak of the epidemic in Zimbabwe. Behavioural changes by men have helped lower the … Read more


Gono-Kasukuwere spat clouding policy

By Psychology MaziwisaBanking, Companies, Politics

THERE are very few people in Zimbabwean public life with finer qualities than Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono. I truly believe that Zimbabwe can only stand to benefit from his talents, wisdom and many years of experience both as Governor … Read more