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He overcame the burden of ‘tribe’

By Joram NyathiPolitics

ALMOST everyone has been seized with the Barak Obama fever. He has become a phenomenon from the day he dared the American Dream.   He told fellow Americans: yes, we can. They have. President-elect Obama will be the first African-American … Read more


A story of hope, a visa and a flight to the UK

By Stella MabinyaTravel

SO ON the 6th of July, 2008, at approximately 09:15 GMT, I was aboard Air Zimbabwe’s flight UM722, flying from Harare to London.    I was excited beyond measure. Well, of course I was on Air Zimbabwe! I couldn’t imagine … Read more


How do you solve a problem like Zimbabwe?

By Lance MambondianiStock Market

THE failure by the SADC Summit last week to secure an agreement between the MDC and Zanu PF to equitably share cabinet posts is perhaps the clearest indication yet that a negotiated settlement of Zimbabwe’s political crisis is elusive and … Read more


Cursing Ceasar Zvayi

By Masola wa DabudabuPolitics

THE continued vilification of the MDC by Zanu PF over the disagreement on the allocation of cabinet portfolios that would ultimately lead to the formation of a power sharing government in Zimbabwe cannot be left unchallenged.   In this regard, … Read more


After SADC, what’s to be done?

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

THE reaction of most Zimbabweans in the aftermath of the SADC Summit held in Sandton, South Africa last Sunday, is that of great disappointment. The reaction carries an apoplectic tone, targeted at the SADC Heads of State, whom they consider … Read more


New Home Office policy on ‘family life’ cases

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaImmigration

IN A previous article on the effect that power sharing in Zimbabwe will have on Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the UK, I indicated that I would write a series of articles assisting people who fear that they may have to … Read more


Sovereign Wealth Funds to dominate

By Gilbert MupondaStock Market

SOVEREIGN wealth funds are set to dominate Global financial markets in the wake of the credit crunch induced by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.       A Sovereign Wealth Fund is a state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets such … Read more


Shared responsibility, not power sharing

By Bhekinkosi MoyoPolitics

THE dirty face of politics in Africa is the abnormal fixation on sharing rather than distributing responsibilities in managing the resources and the sovereignty of states. This seems to be the main underlying problem in the current Zimbabwe impasse, for … Read more


The Ndebele President

By Mduduzi MathuthuPolitics

BARACK Obama’s historic election as the first black US president has captured the world’s imagination and projected America as a beacon of democracy where the idealism of its founders remains alive.   Trumping centuries of prejudice and racial cleavages, Obama’s … Read more


Holy wedlock or unholy deadlock?

By Lot MasianeReligion

Although marriage was ordained and mandated by God, it is not mandatory for everyone and therefore no one should be pressured into it. Read more