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Film Review: ‘Robert Mugabe: What Happened?’

By Blessing-Miles TendiFilm, History, Politics

ON APRIL 29, 2012, I participated in a panel discussion with Simon Bright, director of the film “Robert Mugabe. What Happened?”, and McDonald Lewanika the Director of Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe (CCZ). This followed the showing of Bright’s latest film … Read more


EU sanctions and Zimbabwe deportations

By George ChapwanyaImmigration, Legal

THE European Union has slapped sanctions against a number of countries recently. Sanctions have been imposed on Zimbabwe by the European Union supposedly to encourage the persons targeted to reject policies that lead to the suppression of human rights, of … Read more


Curious case of the University of Zimbabwe fundraiser

By Mutumwa MawereEducation, Politics

I WAS one of the people who attended the launch dinner on Saturday April 28, 2012, in support of a campaign led by the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) of Zimbabwe, Professor Arthur Mutambara, to raise funds for the University of … Read more


Bible truth about Christ’s second coming

By Lot MasianeReligion

MILLIONS of people believe and teach that the time of the Lord’s return is at hand. Others say nothing at all on the subject, citing the fact that in times past, folks have set times for the Lord to come … Read more


Are women the better sex?

By Batsi ChikuraHealth, World

IN MOST countries in the world, females live longer than their male counterparts. In the ultimate battle of longevity, women usually have the last laugh. Men may think they are indispensable, yet nature has made them disposable. This is not … Read more


When self-indulgent wishes set news agenda

By Gilbert NyambabvuMedia, Politics

THE recent media shambles regarding President Robert Mugabe’s latest trip to Asia brought into the open two of the terminal maladies feasting at the core of Zimbabwean journalism from the time our national politics became so perilously conflicted and degenerated … Read more


The risk of indigenising banks

By Lance MambondianiBanking, Companies, Money, Stock Market

A YEAR ago, David Brown – the head of Impala Platinum – believed Zimbabwe’s indigenisation plans for foreign-owned mines “would not happen”. The policy, which required all companies with a share capital above US$500,000 to arrange for 51 percent of … Read more


Indigenisation: Tsvangirai on the wrong side of history

By Psychology MaziwisaBusiness, Companies, Mining, Politics

FOR almost every political party there comes a very unfortunate moment after which things are never quite the same again. As for Zanu PF, that moment came when it failed to properly tackle the economic challenges of the early 2000s; … Read more


Do Christians live longer?

By Batsi ChikuraHealth, Religion

TODAY, religion appears to be less important to society. There are no clear reasons why this is the case. In the past, societies with religion were more likely to survive than those without because of the lack of anarchy, well … Read more


Automatic deportation from the UK in criminal cases

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration

SECTION 32 of the UK Borders Act 2007 applies to all those who have received a sentence of imprisonment of at least 12 months after August 1, 2008, or is in custody pursuant to such a sentence on that date … Read more


Andy Brown: a spoilt sweet rhythm

By Mthulisi MathuthuMusic, Politics

SOMETIME in 2001 when the Zimbabwe Independent led with a story about musician Andy Brown being funded by Zanu PF, some of us shook our heads in disbelief. How on earth did the editors think a mere musician could sell … Read more


Time to park COPAC and go to elections

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

IF THE idea that every dog has its day is indeed true, then the day has come for Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) to be parked. COPAC’s final moment of reckoning beckons, with its discredited constitution drafters who are now … Read more


Why the newspaper will not die

By Lenox MhlangaMedia

Decline … New survey suggests newspapers struggling I JUST read an article that says that the writing is on the wall for newspapers in Zimbabwe. The technology website, TechZim, quotes statistics released by the Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (Zamps). … Read more


Marange: It’s now time for NGOs to move on

By Tafadzwa MusararaMining, NEWS, Politics

“Mr. Chairman, I say with authority that the Zimbabwe government have and will never treat the Marange diamond fields classified and shut it from any well meaning persons or organisations. It remains my government’s pledge to give access to the … Read more


UK court defines ‘international company’ in student visa case

By Taffy NyawanzaEducation, Immigration, Legal

THE United Kingdom legal position regarding sponsorship of students by third parties has been clarified in Agubata v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWCA Civ 140. Agubata, a Nigerian citizen, arrived in the United Kingdom on October … Read more