Credibility now key assessment in UK asylum claims

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration, Legal

ON MARCH 26, 2013, the UK Court of Appeal handed down a ruling in which it had occasion to consider the recent past and present position regarding Zimbabwean asylum seekers. The case is referred to as SS and others. In … Read more


Accelerated UK deportations: an update

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration

THIS is an update on recent news reports concerning current developments in the British government’s approach to failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe. Those that have been removed or deported are primarily failed asylum seekers who have exhausted their appeal rights … Read more


Asylum hope as UK court quashes Zimbabwe country guidance case

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration, Legal

IMMIGRATION lawyers and Zimbabwean nationals in the UK with unresolved asylum claims will temporarily breathe a sigh of relief following news that the Court of Appeal has quashed the case of EM & Others, which was the leading case in … Read more


UK tightens Immigration Rules

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaImmigration

BRITAIN’S Home Secretary Theresa May has announced significant changes to the immigration rules. The changes are part of the government’s programme of reform of the immigration routes and follow wide consultations and expert advice from the Migration Advisory Committee. The … Read more


UK legacy cases: Hope in the face of delays

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration

IN LIGHT of the fact that a number of people are still to have their immigration matters regularised and finally decided by the UKBA, I thought it important to discuss issues arising with regards to legacy  and any such outstanding … Read more


EU sanctions and Zimbabwe deportations

By George ChapwanyaImmigration, Legal

THE European Union has slapped sanctions against a number of countries recently. Sanctions have been imposed on Zimbabwe by the European Union supposedly to encourage the persons targeted to reject policies that lead to the suppression of human rights, of … Read more


Children can be interviewed for UK family reunions

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration

MANY people have settled in the UK and struggled to have their children and families join them so that they live together as families. Zimbabweans have settled in the UK with different conditions, and as such the way they have … Read more


UK steps up Zimbabwe deportations

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaImmigration

THE UK Border Agency appears to have stepped up its efforts to remove Zimbabwean failed asylum seekers from the UK in the last few weeks. Whilst it was significant to note that the Court of Appeal has granted permission to … Read more


UK court rules on asylum for Zimbabwe homosexuals

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaImmigration, Legal, Politics

ON JANUARY 8, 2012, the United Kingdom’s Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) handed down an interesting determination in the case of LZ (homosexuals) Zimbabwe CG [2011] UKUT 00487 (IAC). This case focuses on the risk that gays and lesbians … Read more


UK asylum ruling on Zimbabwe can be challenged: court

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration

IT IS significant and pleasing to note that the UK Court of Appeal has granted permission to appeal against the current Zimbabwe Country Guidance case which had brought so much misery to Zimbabweans who have been seeking permission to regularise … Read more