Constitution should not be weapon against our heritage

By Psychology MaziwisaPolitics

OVER the years, I have come across very little evidence to suggest that the MDC-T is an independent and proud party with a clear understanding of what it means to be Zimbabwean. I have been hard-pressed to find anything that … Read more


Time to park COPAC and go to elections

By Jonathan MoyoPolitics

IF THE idea that every dog has its day is indeed true, then the day has come for Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) to be parked. COPAC’s final moment of reckoning beckons, with its discredited constitution drafters who are now … Read more


2000 referendum: Zimbabwe’s ‘lost moment’

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

AMID the gathering storm of the MDC’s 2005 split, I asked a forlorn Welshman Ncube: ‘If you could turn back the clock, what would you do differently as the MDC?’ He grew woebegone before he recounted in a movingly expressive … Read more


The day Mai Musodzi’s eyes stayed dry

By Joram NyathiPolitics

THE Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac) outreach debacle in Harare in general and at Mai Musodzi Hall, Mbare, in particular, must have come as a huge anticlimax for most media houses. There were media which were prepared for a bloodbath, the … Read more


Making a constitution no one wants

By Joram NyathiPolitics

THE United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray, appears to me to be a decent man despite his recent theatrics on behalf of The System at the burial of Sabina Mugabe at the Heroes’ Acre. If, on the other hand, … Read more


Gay rights are human rights too!

By Daniel MolokelePolitics

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have recently spoken out against gays and lesbians, seemingly agreeing between them that homosexuals should have no rights under a new constitution. Their comments made for some sad reading to say the … Read more


Indigenisation and curse of land reform

By Joram NyathiPolitics, Stock Market

IN HIS intriguing book, The Problems of Philosophy, British philosopher Bertrand Russell criticises “absolute sceptics” who claim nothing can ever be known with any certainty. While criticism is the hallmark of philosophical inquiry, he brands the sceptics’ approach as “destructive … Read more


Constitution will not save us

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

THE constitution-making season appears to have begun, albeit with squabbles over the notorious Kariba Draft which was concocted by a collection of politicians sometime in 2007.   When the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku protested against entrusting politicians … Read more


Dinner with Tsvangirai

By Chofamba SitholePolitics

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party is holding a banquet for him on Saturday evening. Zimbabwean groups and other interested parties have been invited to come and wine and dine with the Premier – at the not too modest price … Read more


Form and content in ‘new’ constitution

By Joram NyathiPolitics

NCA chairman Lovemore Madhuku last week wrote a newspaper article which focused chiefly on the definition of a constitution. He promised to explain this week a “people-driven” constitution-making process.   My observation on the second point is that either Madhuku … Read more