Accelerated UK deportations: an update

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration

THIS is an update on recent news reports concerning current developments in the British government’s approach to failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe. Those that have been removed or deported are primarily failed asylum seekers who have exhausted their appeal rights … Read more


Asylum hope as UK court quashes Zimbabwe country guidance case

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration, Legal

IMMIGRATION lawyers and Zimbabwean nationals in the UK with unresolved asylum claims will temporarily breathe a sigh of relief following news that the Court of Appeal has quashed the case of EM & Others, which was the leading case in … Read more


UK spouse visa: Court clarifies ‘marriage is subsisting’

By Clement KulangFamily Law, Immigration, Legal

OUR firm Genesis Law Associates recently brought an appeal to the Upper Tribunal which has now been reported as Goudey (subsisting marriage – evidence) Sudan [2012] UKUT 00041. In this case, the Upper Tribunal clarifies the meaning of the immigration … Read more


UK steps up Zimbabwe deportations

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaImmigration

THE UK Border Agency appears to have stepped up its efforts to remove Zimbabwean failed asylum seekers from the UK in the last few weeks. Whilst it was significant to note that the Court of Appeal has granted permission to … Read more


UK asylum ‘amnesty’ a mirage

By George ChapwanyaImmigration

THE UK media was on June 3 awash with reports of the so-called “amnesty” that is supposedly being extended to asylum seekers. I know not of the existence of such an amnesty. However, I may be able to explain the … Read more


UK fact finding report confirms worst fears

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

BETWEEN August 9 and 17 this year, the Home Office undertook a fact finding mission to Zimbabwe to gather information on the situation in Zimbabwe since the formation of the Government of National Unity (GNU) back in February 2009. Its … Read more


Is 7-year concession resurrected?

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

ON DECEMBER 9, 2008, the Home Office announced the withdrawal of the seven-year concession with effect from that date. The concession had been an extremely useful policy which for several years allowed some families with dependent children (in particular children … Read more


UK family reunion for children over 18

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration

UNDER the Family Reunion provisions, UK refugees are entitled to bring to the UK their pre-flight family. ‘Pre-flight family’ means the spouse to whom the refugee was married or children born to him before he fled to the UK. For … Read more


Immigration under new UK government

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration, Politics

THE Tories are back in power in the UK but in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, courtesy of a hung parliament. The extreme ideological positions of the two respective parties are all too clear and at face-value, they … Read more


UK court says asylum seekers can work

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration, Politics

A SIGNIFICANT number of people have applied for asylum in the UK and they were turned down for various reasons. Appeals were lodged and were also unsuccessful. Applications for fresh claims have since been made in some cases and they … Read more