Robert Mugabe… What Happened? A rejoinder to Tendi

By Simon BrightFilm, Politics

BLESSING-Miles Tendi begins his review of my film ‘Robert Mugabe…What Happened?’ by criticising the choice of Mugabe as an African villain when there are worse African villains to  be found. Of course he is right, but I chose the subject … Read more


Film Review: ‘Robert Mugabe: What Happened?’

By Blessing-Miles TendiFilm, History, Politics

ON APRIL 29, 2012, I participated in a panel discussion with Simon Bright, director of the film “Robert Mugabe. What Happened?”, and McDonald Lewanika the Director of Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe (CCZ). This followed the showing of Bright’s latest film … Read more


Intellectual irresponsibility in Zimbabwe

By Blessing-Miles TendiPolitics

WRITING in the Herald of November 4, 2010, Reason Wafawarova opined that perceptions of history and indeed public opinion more broadly are often shaped by the work of writers but, he continues, ‘the perplexing question that is rarely answered pertains … Read more


The day Mai Musodzi’s eyes stayed dry

By Joram NyathiPolitics

THE Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac) outreach debacle in Harare in general and at Mai Musodzi Hall, Mbare, in particular, must have come as a huge anticlimax for most media houses. There were media which were prepared for a bloodbath, the … Read more


Indigenisation and curse of land reform

By Joram NyathiPolitics, Stock Market

IN HIS intriguing book, The Problems of Philosophy, British philosopher Bertrand Russell criticises “absolute sceptics” who claim nothing can ever be known with any certainty. While criticism is the hallmark of philosophical inquiry, he brands the sceptics’ approach as “destructive … Read more


Constitution will not save us

By Alex MagaisaPolitics

THE constitution-making season appears to have begun, albeit with squabbles over the notorious Kariba Draft which was concocted by a collection of politicians sometime in 2007.   When the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku protested against entrusting politicians … Read more


Form and content in ‘new’ constitution

By Joram NyathiPolitics

NCA chairman Lovemore Madhuku last week wrote a newspaper article which focused chiefly on the definition of a constitution. He promised to explain this week a “people-driven” constitution-making process.   My observation on the second point is that either Madhuku … Read more