Accelerated UK deportations: an update

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration

THIS is an update on recent news reports concerning current developments in the British government’s approach to failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe. Those that have been removed or deported are primarily failed asylum seekers who have exhausted their appeal rights … Read more


Asylum hope as UK court quashes Zimbabwe country guidance case

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration, Legal

IMMIGRATION lawyers and Zimbabwean nationals in the UK with unresolved asylum claims will temporarily breathe a sigh of relief following news that the Court of Appeal has quashed the case of EM & Others, which was the leading case in … Read more


The real impact of decision in RN

By Rumbidzai BvunzawabayaImmigration

IT HAS been a victorious week for many Zimbabwean asylum seekers. The Court of Appeal decision in RN (Zimbabwe) has been long coming and has been welcomed by Zimbabweans, refugee groups and support organisations for Zimbabweans across Britain.   The … Read more

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