UK deportations: Why timing is important

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration

A NUMBER of people are often seeking legal help when removal from the United Kingdom is imminent. This happens when the UKBA is all out to enforce removal of a person who might have been in the UK for a … Read more


Non-disclosure in UK immigration applications

By George ChapwanyaImmigration

MANY of the readers may have come across forms that require them to make a disclosure, either confirming the authenticity of the information they have given or disclosing some part of their immigration or life history. A disclosure is defined … Read more


Ditching dependants at Tier 1 appeal

By Taffy NyawanzaImmigration, Politics

IN A recent UK Asylum and Immigration Tribunal case, our client and her spouse‚Äôs dependant made an application for leave to remain in the UK under the Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) Migrant scheme. The application was rejected by the Home … Read more