Credibility now key assessment in UK asylum claims

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration, Legal

ON MARCH 26, 2013, the UK Court of Appeal handed down a ruling in which it had occasion to consider the recent past and present position regarding Zimbabwean asylum seekers. The case is referred to as SS and others. In … Read more


Elections, politicians and a bag of maize

By Lance MambondianiEconomics, Politics

IN PREPARATION for the next elections, the two main political parties, Zanu PF and MDC-T have tabled diverging economic policies on how they intend to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans if voted into office. The people they seek to … Read more


Accelerated UK deportations: an update

By Brighton MutebukaImmigration

THIS is an update on recent news reports concerning current developments in the British government’s approach to failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe. Those that have been removed or deported are primarily failed asylum seekers who have exhausted their appeal rights … Read more


UK deportations: Why timing is important

By Vitalis MadanhiImmigration

A NUMBER of people are often seeking legal help when removal from the United Kingdom is imminent. This happens when the UKBA is all out to enforce removal of a person who might have been in the UK for a … Read more


Wanted: a government with a jobs strategy

By Lance MambondianiBudget, Companies, Politics

IF STATISTICS are to be believed, eight in 10 Zimbabweans are unemployed. As at 2010, only 0,9 million people were recorded as being in formal employment. To put it in perspective (using a rather dramatic example), the total number of … Read more


Diamonds: America’s economic crimes against Zimbabwe

By Psychology MaziwisaEconomics, Mining, Politics, World

SERIOUS changes of opinion are rare in international politics, occurring maybe only once every quarter of a century. For example, it took the international community a lifetime before it could accept that Nelson Mandela was not a terrorist. It took … Read more


Indigenisation policy: sharing the crumbs of a cup cake

By Lance MambondianiBanking, Companies, Politics

WHEN it comes to populist policies such as indigenisation, you cannot question the craftsmanship and frothing passion of its most avid political proponents. It’s a zero sum game; foreign shareholders and the private sector have been bullied and marched into … Read more


A compelling case for new GNU

By Mthulisi MathuthuPolitics

SOCIAL research is by its very nature a manipulated facility through which a funding body seeks to shape its primary goals and achieve its aspirations. Therefore, since societies are neither static nor frozen entities, research can be carried out over … Read more


Constitution should not be weapon against our heritage

By Psychology MaziwisaPolitics

OVER the years, I have come across very little evidence to suggest that the MDC-T is an independent and proud party with a clear understanding of what it means to be Zimbabwean. I have been hard-pressed to find anything that … Read more


For his courage alone, Mugabe deserves our praise

By Psychology MaziwisaReligion

AS A frustrated and naive Zimbabwean citizen a few years ago, I just assumed that President Robert Mugabe was rotten to the core. I convinced myself that he was a dishonourable man who cared only about himself and who was … Read more